Introducing the The Cannabis Club Network

A space for like-minded Cannabis enthusiasts to connect and explore new products and topics about Cannabis in Orange County

By Jeff Arbour

Growing up on the East Coast, I first fell in love with cannabis culture at concerts and music festivals in the late 90’s. I remember going to my first Phish concert – what an experience! There were two separate but connected worlds. First and foremost was the stadium and the actual concert. However, right outside the venue was a quasi-city of followers who would set up shop for the days surrounding the concert. They would sell everything and anything – food, t-shirts, hacky sacks -there was even a “general store” of cannabis! All sorts of vendors were selling unique cannabis strains and formats It was amazing to see.

Fast forward to a trip to Denver in the mid 90’s with my friend. He was out there looking at colleges and I was just out there for the ride. One afternoon, I happened to open up the local entertainment magazine. What I found was a gorgeous marketplace of beautiful glassware – bongs and pipes. I had seen nothing like it! In my town, the local head shops were routinely raided and the pipes and bongs destroyed by the police. Not in Colorado! Here was a catalog of pipes and bongs that I could browse and admire. It was at that point that I decided to go to college in Colorado and immerse myself in the cannabis community.

Now, cannabis is in SUCH a different state. With cannabis legal in Colorado since 2012, and California and Massachusetts since 2016, the expansion of the industry and the openness of society toward cannabis is accelerating at an increasingly frenetic pace. I have friends who started at finance jobs and moved to the suburbs reach out and ask me questions about my favorite strain. I have female friends who take their kids to soccer practice asking me about CBD for their parents. We’ve moved from a mind-state of “cannabis is for stoners” to “maybe cannabis is for me”.

The problem – everyone is talking about cannabis, but nobody knows anything about it. That’s what spurred me to start the Cannabis Club Network. I wanted to recapture what I felt at The Dead or Phish shows – the community and connection of cannabis. I want people re-engaging with the plant to have a place where they could learn about the basics – the formats are a bit different than when you were in high school – as well as learn about new brands and exchange experiences. I wanted there to be a place where you could learn about how cannabis could be a part of your life but not define you.

That’s why we created The Cannabis Club Network. We all need a place to compare notes. A place to ask questions, tell stories, and discover new experiences. I welcome you to join and discover everything that the new cannabis community has to offer.

Have fun out there!